Roofing Services

A roofer, also known as a roofing contractor, roofing technician, roofing specialist, or roofer-roofer, is an individual who specializes in repairing, building, and replacing roofs of commercial structures. Roofers replace shingles, repair, replace, and even install new roofs of commercial structures. Roofers typically work in buildings where the roof leaks, rot, is weak, is too dark, or has been damaged by storm or heavy snow.

Commercial roofers are called to repair leaks, shingle damage, broken shingles or tiles, or damaged fascia boards. They can replace roofs with roofs that have been compromised and have not recovered from the effects of weather or structural damage. They can also repair roofs that are leaking due to excessive rain or snow falling on the roof. Roofers may also replace roof tiles that are missing due to hail or other debris falling on them.

Commercial roofers can build, install, and repair new roofs, repair and/or replace existing roofs, provide roof inspections, inspect the roofing material, provide roofer estimates, provide roof maintenance, inspect and repair existing roofing systems, perform excavation, trenching, foundation installation, repair water leaks, clean and paint commercial buildings to improve visibility from the ground, maintain and restore roof surfaces to their original condition, provide roofer service coordination, and perform routine maintenance such as replacing the roof sheathing to reduce deterioration. Roofers can also do simple installations, install, repair or replace mechanical appliances such as heating and cooling equipment and heating and air conditioning systems.

Commercial roofers are usually employed by professionals. There are several contractors who offer roofing services and hire a roofer for each job they complete. Contractors usually do not contract out roof work as the roofers do, but rather, they use subcontractors who do this work. This is because roofing contractors are more experienced and have had many years of experience in this line of work and their knowledge, tools and machinery is also usually up to par.

There are also many types of commercial roofing. There are residential roofers, commercial roofers, asphalt roofers, vinyl roofers, slate roofers, insulated roofers, metal roofers, tile roofers, fiberglass roofers, wood shingles, corrugated roofers, clay tile roofers, slate tile, rigid foam roofers, slate tile, and asphalt roofers. The type of roof you choose will depend largely on the needs of your building and your own personal preferences and the amount of work you want done.

In order to find a roofing contractor that offers the most extensive types of commercial roofing, look for companies in your area that advertise their services on the Internet. Check with your city for companies that offer such services. Many states require licensed roofers, so ask if you will need to obtain a license in order to hire a roofing company. If you cannot find any on the Internet, ask about this with your local building department. Also ask for references and recommendations from others in your area.