Qualifications and Responsibilities

A roofer, whether a contractor or roofing specialist, is an experienced tradesman who specializes in repairing, building, and replacing roofs. Roofers often install, repair, and replace the roofs of commercial buildings, with a wide range of products, including steel, shingles, metal, and shingle tar. Many roofing companies are highly specialized in just one or two products, such as metal, but roofing contractors generally perform all aspects of roof building and maintenance.


Professionals in this field may come from varied backgrounds, depending on the type of roofing company they work for, whether a roofing company or an asphalt roofing company, which specializes in asphalt roofing. All professionals working in this field must have at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical or construction engineering.

Roofers must have a high school diploma and pass a state test to get a license to work in this field. They must be at least eighteen years of age by the start of their first roof-repair job. Roofing jobs in the United States average around four years, so most professionals will get plenty of experience by working at least ten to fifteen years. Asphalt roofing, unlike metal roofing, typically does not require a college degree or licensing to be hired; however, certain states require licensed contractors to hold a degree in this field.

Different types of contractors, such as asphalt roofing contractors, are usually licensed in their area to do a specific type of roofing. Before starting a job, it is essential for a contractor to find out what requirements exist in the particular area. Asphalt is a flexible material, so it is possible to build roofs in a variety of ways. An asphalt roof can be built from pre-fabricated material, but the choice of material can affect the cost and durability of the finished roof.

The most important factor in choosing contractors for residential and commercial roofs is the amount of experience in the field that they offer. It is also essential to make sure that the roofers have experience installing the kind of roof you need. If you are looking for an asphalt roof, then a contractor should be able to provide a sample of their work and can show you a previous roof that has been completed.

Before hiring a contractor, it is always best to talk with several contractors before making a final decision, to make sure that you have found a contractor that has the right amount of knowledge and experience for your project. It is also a good idea to compare prices to see which contractor offers the best price.